Summer Hair Colour Trends

Mimi ON Jun 20, 2012 AT 7:00 am

by Katy Harrington

What do the first glimpse of summer sun, a new job, and a hideous break-up have in common? They are all catalysts that make us want to change our hair drastically, that’s what. Maybe it’s because in winter we wear a uniform of black and summertime affords the opportunity to play with colour, but if you are thinking of taking the plunge with your hair colour, here are some expert tips and trend inspiration to guide you. Go on, we made it just for you…

Tone Up

Luckily this toning doesn’t involve a trip to the gym. Bruno Elorrioroz is Master Creative Technical Director at Aveda’s Covent Garden Institute and with 22 years experience his motto is that a great cut and colour can change a person’s face and can accentuate their bone structure. Before making a big change you need to consider skin tone, personal image, and shade so talk to your colourist (you might need to book a longer appointment). Bruno’s biggest ‘don’t’ is not to match your hair colour too closely with your skin colour, rather to get a flattering contrast between hair and skin, “finding that perfect hue that sets off all of your features”. Another good tip is to ask about the maintenance routine required before a colour change, especially if it’s a dramatic one – get advice on how often you’ll be visiting the salon and aftercare products.

Pass The Pastels

“Blonde is moving into pastel passion”, says Bruno. These yummy ice-cream tones include Cloudy Blue, Candy Pink, Soft Lilac and Apricot. A word of warning from the colour guru though, “These shades do require a warm complexion, otherwise they could leave you feeling a little washed out, so consult with an expert”. Celebs have been quick to pick this one up. Kelly Osborne embraced a lovely lavender shade, while January Jones opted for subtle pink highlights and Kate Bosworth went for grungy dip dyed green.

Kate Bosworth, January Jones, Kelly Osbourne

Brunettes Feel The Heat

Roasted hazelnut, rustic bronze and chestnut gold – this summer brunettes should opt for an ultra feminine and luxurious palette that oozes sex appeal. The great thing is these brunette hues are very versatile, so Bruno’s tip is to consult your hairdresser on going deep and richer, or lighter and softer to suit your complexion. Hawt!

Holly Fulton SS12, Lily Aldridge, Versace SS12

So Long Red

“We are seeing less towards the red end of the spectrum, as it has been quite prominent in previous seasons. Instead, it is all about juicy-copper shades of Satsuma and Clementine and Amber that glow and exude warmth and are perfect for a hot summer look”, says Bruno. Brunettes could also add hints of red into dark locks à la Kristen Stewart for added sex appeal.

Christina Hendricks, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone

Hey Ombre

You’d have to be living under a rock…on Mars…not to have noticed the low maintenance celeb craze for ombre hair (colours or tones that shade into each other). Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Beckinsale, Alexa Chung et al have all had a go at the darker roots – lighter ends look and it seems this trend (which seemed like it might just be a flash in the pan) has serious staying power. According to Bruno women are still asking for this look and now there is new a twist on the dip-dye – reversing the trend with light at the root drifting into dark. In honour of the recession, we are calling this one the double dip!

Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore

Take Care
When it comes to maintaining your colour and keeping it looking fresh and shiny Bruno, recommends using Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, £18, as part of your daily hair care ritual on damp hair. It’s a daily leave in treatment helps protect and repair dry and frazzled hair. Frazzled…us? Never.

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Repair

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