Summer Hair Protection with Peter Lux

Mimi ON Jun 22, 2012 AT 10:16 am

Peter Lux

by Emma Parlons

The summer sun is on the horizon.  We wait all year round to feel the warmth of its rays on our pale winter-inflicted bodies and then… it bleaches and dries out our hair ruining a full head of expensive highlights.

But this year I’m taking precautions and so I headed off to meet the man in the know – Peter Lux. As Head & Shoulders’ creative beauty director and a leading force in the hair industry, there is very little that Peter does not know about styling, conditioning, cutting and colour. In the video below you can see  Peter divulging some of his top tips and tricks – with a particular focus on how to protect hair during the weeks when it is exposed to the  harsh elements of sun, salt water and chlorine.

Aside from fabulously swishy, beautifully blow-dried hair, I left the salon with a promise to never again bask in the sun without a generous helping of conditioner combed through the lengths of my hair and bundled beneath a very wide brimmed hat.


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