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Mimi ON Jul 06, 2010 AT 11:42 am

Delph Sun Spray

Delph Sun Spray

By Debbie Djordjevic

We’re holding our breath that we’re in for a long, hot summer and it won’t all go horribly wet and dreary the minute August comes around. British sunshine can be deceptive and just because you’re not soaking up the rays on an exotic beach somewhere, it’s still essential that we all use a good, effective sun-screen to avoid the burn. There are a few things I look for in terms of a good sun-screen. Obviously I don’t want to burn, but I am also keen on a lotion that is easy to apply, lasts a while and has a good scent that is not too over-powering. I found all of this in the summer’s range from Delph which comes in a sun spray (great for overall coverage and easy to rub in), smells fresh and light and gives high protection. It’s water resistant (impossible to test in the back garden but I’m sure it is) and has both UVA and UVB sun screen. My skin felt moisturised rather than oily and after a full day outdoors after what has been a really long winter I was brown and glowing rather than red. I would recommend you don’t leave home without it. Delph Sun Spray is £6.49 for 25spf (200ml) and £6.29 for 30spf (200ml).

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