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BATD ON Mar 04, 2010 AT 9:41 am

BLISS Triple Oxygen + c Engerising Cream

We all know how important fresh air is for a healthy, glowing complexion but let’s face it, with British weather being pretty darn miserable, dragging yourself off the couch can be a battle in itself.

Fear not, however as swanky US skincare brand Bliss have created a luxurious miracle cream based on their sought-after oxygen facial – an all-round complexion reviver loved by Hollywood’s A list and known for its ability to revive the dullest of complexions.

The new Triple Oxygen + c Energizing Cream is designed to boost radiance, improve cell respiration and skin hydration thanks largely to an oxygen-infused formula and what Bliss refer to as super-charged vitamin c.  Sounds hi-tech, I know, but this stuff really works.

I was also immediately stuck by the super-light consistency and how easily it sank into my skin. I’d been told that this cream is especially good at boosting radiance and sure enough, my face immediately looked brighter and healthier – looking in the mirror I was certain that even the dark circles around my eyes had faded slightly, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking. Another thing I loved about this cream is that it gave me the kind of super-soft skin I normally only get after a facial, so this is one cream I’ll definitely be making room in bathroom cabinet for.

 The  Bliss Triple Oxygen + c Energizing Cream costs £45.00 and is available from

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