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BATD ON Jan 13, 2010 AT 11:01 am

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum

They say DNA, we say ‘huh?’ Super-scientific skin care ranges often leave us baffled, but when it comes to Priori we’re prepared to consult our big Ladybird Book of Beauty Technology because it’s always worth knowing what the cutting edge boffins are up to. Priori’s latest launch is DNA Target Skin Therapy, £90 – essentially, healing for skin.

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex contains natural and microbal liposomes, known as Ultrasomes, Photosomes and Roxisomes that together repair skin cell damage (fine lines, hyperpigmentation), speed up cell recovery (so nice new plump ones appear where the old cells left off), reverse existing signs of ageing and reinforce our cells’ ability to defend themselves from damaging free radicals. If all this sounds a little bit complicated, think of it as an anti-ageing accelerator – the longer you use it, the younger your skin will look. Simple.

Stockists: 0845 555 2121

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