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BATD ON Jul 12, 2010 AT 9:45 am

Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

If you’ve ever seen Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush you’ll know surfer girls have killer ‘bods’. If you fancy the same then head down to Virgin Active for their new class, Roxy Beach Body Workout.

Rather than feel self-conscious sunbathing and prancing around the beach, why not book yourself into one of these classes that have been designed by Roxy and Virgin to target key areas of strength, flexibility, balance and power.

The routine involves 3 elements; warm-up, circuits and yoga and I was able to head down to Virgin Active in Kensington to try it out.

Roxy Beach Body Workout

Roxy Beach Body Workout

Bar the fact I had to join the work-out late so missed half the warm-up, the class was fantastic. Candice O’Donnell, the hot surfer pro that heads the new classes, helped the instructor guide us through the routine step by step. There was everything from squats to press-ups to typical surfing drills (i.e. simulating the jump to standing on the board) and the amazing ViPR weights (a weighted rubber training tube used for whole body training).

I can safely say there was a LOT of sweat but in classes like this, this is a good thing. The exercises were varied and effective (which I definitely felt the next day) and suitable for any level. I’d definitely recommend trying Roxy Beach Body Workout for a few sessions before you head off on holiday. They can’t promise a Kate Bosworth (pre-skeleton) figure, but they damn well try their best to help you get the most out of your classes.

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