Surprising Hair Trends For SS13

Jourdana ON Mar 11, 2013 AT 2:22 pm

Typically, the new season beauty and hair trends are a lesson in fresh faced skin, gutsy glossy locks and the type of bright saturated hues that have you craving the summer months, when you can actually pull them off. But this season we’ve encountered some “trends” that, whilst they could maybe be said to make your day-to-day styling far less fussy, we’re not entirely convinced will catch on, ever.

As wonderful a creation as the Tangle Teezer is, some mornings working our way through a matted tangle of tresses requires far more effort than we’re willing to exert. Luckily Malcolm Edwards, fallen-out braid-ponytail hybrid at Kinder Aggugini is the perfect, on trend bed-hair alternative. Boost already mussed up hair with L’Oreal Professionnel Playball Texture Tonic, and swiftly criss cross and wind sections of hair around each other for a rough-look laid-back creation.

Kinder Aggugini SS13

Kinder Aggugini SS13

For those of us who spend our mornings hot footing it from bed to gym to work with only enough time for a blast of Batiste as a hair-cleansing compromise, you might have been rocking the latest look without even realising it.

Louise Goldin SS13

Louise Goldin sent models down the New York City runways with, what can best be described as, hardcore workout hair. Straggly, windswept (perhaps they were training outdoors?!) and a touch on the greasy side! Swept into a low ponytail and . . ¬†erm. . ¬†forgotten about. We’re not sure we’ll be giving up our dry shampoo any time soon!

Alexander Wang SS13

Alexander Wang‘s spring summer hairstyling, as created for the catwalk by the adept hands of Guido Palau, was described as “severe and simple-looking. It looks more futuristic and takes the style to another level so it’s not too simple.” That may be so, but to our eyes it offers an altogether more inspired apporach to less-than-perfect roots.

Masking tape* ok, ok, scalp tape! How did we not think of this before? Simply brush hair back into a mid-crown pony tail and secure a length of tape from the crown through to the forehead, not forgetting to leave a couple of cms tab for easy removal! That should delay our trip to the colourist by a couple of weeks at least!

*Not to be confused with sellotape if you want to ensure a full head of hair once removed.

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