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Mimi ON Oct 15, 2010 AT 9:32 am

Nail Rock

Nail Rock

By The Beauty Button

Nails trends have got a little extreme in recent seasons with nail artists such as Sophy Robson creating some of the most intricate designs on an area generally smaller than a 5p coin. If you’ve wanted to rock this look but can’t even fathom having the skills to create such masterpieces, then you need some of these designer nail wraps from Nail Rock, the brainchild of celebrity manicurist Zoe Pocock. 

The premise behind the nail wraps is that you can get pretty much any design you want on your nails with minimum effort. All you have to do is stick the shaped foils onto your nails (fingers or toes), cut them down, heat them up (with a hairdryer for about 15 seconds to activate the adhesive) and file them down to the shape of your own nail.

Nail Rock

Nail Rock - easy to apply and looking great!

They designs come in everything from silver foil, leopard suede (as seen here), snakeskin, polka dots and many more.

They’re only £6.50 for a pack and have enough wraps for your hands and feet – although if you’d rather not foil your feet you can trim the bigger ones down and use them for a second batch on your fingers.

And the best thing about them? They don’t chip and last for about a week (if you’re careful). All you have to do is peel them off when you fancy a change.

Available from TOPSHOP and ASOS.com, visit the website for more information www.nailrock.com

We love, love, love these wraps and are thinking they may well be the perfect thing for Halloween?!…

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