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by Chrissy Iley

Ted Baker Nail Wraps

Ted Baker Nail Wraps

Doctors always complain at me, they can never see the colour of my nails because I’m never without nail polish.

Nail colours are like records to me. Just the name like Ballet Shoes, Fishnet Stockings, or True White, can send me specifically to that era when that was the only colour I wore.

Fishnet Stockings was a happy heady time. Ballet Slippers more serious.

I had an uncomfortable fetish with Gold from OPI around the time of the Olympics. It really didn’t suit me but I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve never done nail gels, not just because I think they would make my already flaky nails flakier, but because the range of colours are not perfect, not subtle, not exquisite.

The only time when I have not known and loved and felt comforted by a specific colour is when I’ve gone the route of the wrap.

When nail wraps first existed they too were limited to a bold gold or silver or leopard print or at least that was my range. Now the whole world of art is literally at my fingertips.

Ted Baker have just come out with a beautiful selection (£7.50) that are available at Boots. There are some that are psychedelic rainbow which I like but my favourites are the ones that look like a Pre-Raphaelite garden. Flowers and ferns that Ophelia just cast aside. They look dark, haunting and aromatic as if they came from a secret wood with a secret lake.

The other thing about polish is I’m useless at applying it. If I do it myself it looks lumpy and if I’m not strapped down I chip it because I don’t give it enough time to dry. These nail strips go on very easily without mess or fuss. They are another perfect accessory if you want to take your day look into evening.

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