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Mimi ON Mar 29, 2011 AT 1:15 pm

Elemis Fresh Skin range

Elemis Fresh Skin range

If you move Justin Bieber to one side for a second, what most teen girls want in their lives is great skin. Elemis have formulated Freshskin that targets skin issues for girls and women in their teens to twenties.

All products are formulated with active raw ingredients, including elderflower, rosehip seed oil and goji berry, all chosen for their ability to help cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and boost skin to keep it fresher and younger for longer.

Nine gorgeous products include Softly, Softly Daily Moisturiser, Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask and Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser. It’s got a more affordable price point than ‘grown up’ Elemis, starting at £8 for Make Up Away Cleansing Wipes.

The range launches on 14th April at www.elemis.com/freshskin.

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