Ten Pilates

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Ten Pilates

Ten Pilates

By Chrissy Iley

When I am in LA I go to pilates four or five times a week. It’s gruelling, it’s invigorating, it’s addictive. There is an energy about it that’s compulsive and it is the only fitness regime I can ever stick to. When I return to London it has always up until now been hopeless. I’ve been searching for that similar kind of class. Ten Pilates is the end of that holy grail. 

It definitely takes its inspiration from the sophisticated boot camp type pilates that’s widely available in Los Angeles. It’s not all ponderous breathing, as some UK classes are. It’s not worn out and dirty, as other places I’ve been to. It’s magnificent.

Try out a class at Ten Pilates

Try out a class at Ten Pilates

It is situated inside Matt Roberts’ gym in Mayfair, next to Nobu, where everything is white, gleaming, beautiful, even the sweat is designer. There are six pristine pilates beds and the hourly classes are a choice of beginners and intermediate. I would advise anyone to start with beginners, especially as you have not done it before. It is entirely different to mat pilates. 

My instructor was Neil, who was thorough and informative, and he had an assistant, Andrew. The assistant is possibly the greatest innovation. While Neil commanded the positions, his assistant carefully restructured all of us to make sure we were getting maximum benefit and were in the perfect position. He was attentive. We were corrected. You didn’t just go in there and do it and hope for the best. You felt you learnt something.

Having two instructors for six people felt like you were getting a very private, special experience. They both wore Ten T-shirts who bore the logo of a peacock.  This was a further seduction element for me. I have loved peacocks as long as Matthew Williamson, proud and beautiful. The metaphor is not lost.

It costs £24 for a one hour class, but packages vary. For instance, if you book ten classes it’s £200. So the prices are competitive with other studios, but the class is better.

“I can confirm, I too am now a convert to the Mayfair TenPilates experience, at last a real workout from Pilates that I’ve never found in the UK, only ever on my trips to LA. You must try it out, it’s such a great class!” Mimi

For more information go to the website www.tenpilates.com

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