The Andy Warhol Collection From Nars

Mimi ON Aug 27, 2012 AT 9:48 pm

Andy Warhol Collection from Nars Cosmetics

This winter, as part of its holiday offerings, Nars Cosmetics will launch what will be The Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Art’s largest collaboration to date; a 2-part 29-piece pop-art-meets-beauty make up collection. In tribute to Warhol’s iconic colour-saturated images and his many, instantly recognisable muses  - such as Edie Sedgewick and Debbie Harry – the first part of the collection, simply entitled ‘POP’ comprises of 3 gorgeous and novel floral printed eyeshadow palettes, a lipgloss coffret housed in a soup can enveloped in the infamous ‘Kiss’ print, and a Debbie Harry cheek and eye palette. The second part of the range focuses on Warhol’s ‘Factory’ phase and will feature gift sets based on the various moods, faces and names associated with the Factory era.

The Andy Warhol Collection from Nars

Having always surrounded himself with Warhol’s work and even “paid tribute to him in past collections”, brand founder and creative director, François Nars, felt this collection to be timely considering that 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the artist’s death. Nars explains, “What I loved about [Warhol's] world was that he took elements from the past and made them his own. That’s what we have done with this collection — taken Andy’s ‘world’ and made it modern. The colors are also directly linked to the makeup.”

Andy Warhol Silver Factory Collection From Nars

Although the initial U.S launch date has been announced as October 1st exclusively at Sephora and online at, there’s no information as to the UK counter dates, but surely we won’t be too far behind.

Andy Warhol Nars Portrait Palette

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