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Mimi ON Nov 21, 2008 AT 5:04 pm

Soir de Paris VI Print

Soir de Paris VI Print

Beauty fiends will love these fabulous repro vintage prints that show old style glamour that never dates. While science and modern ingredients have thankfully overtaken the classic formulas, you’ll see the sophistication certainly hasn’t faded. 

In 1992 Bourjois Soir de Paris was reworked from it’s 1929 formula by Chanel’s finest perfumiers to bring it up to date. While availability is limited, you can still snap up a bottle from, for £16.95, or scour the internet for vintage collector’s bottles which are still around.   
Soir de Paris VI Print, £15.99. 

Roget Gallet
Back in the day (1862) Roget & Gallet were forerunners in lipsticks and face powders. Now, the company no longer produces make up; instead they are known for traditionally made finely fragranced bath and body treats and scents. Our favourite range is Vanilla, prices from £3.50 for soap.  
Paris Cosmetic Lipstick Print, £38.99. 

Founded in 1929, Guerlain fragrances are still firm favourites. The Aqua Allegoria range is described by aficionados as ‘entry level’ Guerlain, being bright, breezy, light and summery. The latest to join the Allegoria stable is Laurier-Reglisse; bursting with orangey notes. £28.50 nationwide.
Are You Her Type Guerlain Print, £12.99.

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