The Beauty Bit: Supplementary Benefits

Mimi ON Nov 19, 2008 AT 2:39 pm

I’m all for pill-popping – of the purely innocent kind, of course. No breakfasting on Prozac for me. Winter is the perfect time to start dosing up on supplements for your skin; whether it’s keeping it clear and smooth, soft and supple or a dose of anti-ageing.

Non-stop partying, rich food and too many glasses of Cristal can all wreak havoc on the complexion, so to avoid the downside of a busy social calendar, I’m stocking up on supplementary benefits.  

Nude Detox Supplement
The gentle detoxifying formula helps to purify the body and support an over-burdened digestive system. Natural ingredients, such as liquorice and ginger, and a healthy dose of probiotics deal with overload, while Chlorella, basil and tumeric help liver function, which in turn gives radiant skin. £38,

Neals Yard Remedies Organic Beauty Oil
Two teaspoons a day of this rich source of fatty acids wards off dry skin as well as improving the condition of nails and hair. Using omega fatty acids, essential nutrients and anti-oxidants, those in the know have been singing its praises. Add to fruit juice, water, or be brave and take it neat, to keep skin soft and glowing all winter. £10,

Elemis Cellular Recovery Capsules
Packed with Moringa Oil, this is my favourite supplement to keep wrinkles at bay. Why? Because the capsules are formulated to repair signs of ageing, detoxify the skin and boost elasticity – all vital to look lusciously radiant. £58,

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