The Beauty Clutch

BATD ON Jul 10, 2013 AT 10:32 am

Ah beauty bags. For the majority of the year they remain stashed deep within the depths of your luxe leather handbag with barely an airing, except when frequenting the ladies’ for quick touch ups. But then the summer comes along, and all of a sudden, no thanks to the sticky, city heat which melts even the most immaculately made up faces and the beach, which requires a surprisingly hefty amount of product, they’re pulled out at every opportunity, a daub of bronzer here, a spritz of cooling thermal water there, a slather of SPF for good measure – and they’re on show for all to see.

MAC Illustrated Bag by Indie

And so it is, that MAC Cosmetics has launched the most sensible yet chic summer essential yet. A line of beauty clutches, designed by award-winning illustrator Anja Kroencke and the world renowned street artists, Indie 184, that will give your summer wardrobe a fresh update. Finally understanding the potential crisis of toting around tubes of sunscreen in your luxe leather handbag, or the far-from-chic plastic bag within your bag, these beauty bags solve our dilemmas.

Sized as an actual clutch (meaning we can fit beauty products, along with other essentials), each of the portable pouches feature zipper closures, a looped handle and complementary lining patterns – oh and the important easy-to-clean interior lining.

Transitioning beautifully from city to bar, and beach to bar (somehow it’s always to bar!), we’d like one in each design please.

The MAC Illustrated Collection is available July 11 instore, or pick one up at

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