The Best Met Ball Beauty 2013

BATD ON May 07, 2013 AT 9:28 am

Whilst last night’s Met Ball was undoubtedly the fashion event of the year, our beady little beauty editor eyes couldn’t help but focus on the night’s accompanying Punk: Chaos to Couture-themed hair, make up and manicure looks.

Notable mention has to go to Anne Hathaway, who we almost didn’t recognise last night thanks to her newly bleached blonde crop. The peroxide, quiffed style couldn’t be more of a departure from the starlet’s usual mousy brown ‘do and  adds that element of edginess that the actress’ style has been lacking of late.

If you’re thinking what we are; ‘now this is the Anne Hathaway that we love’  you’ll be sad to hear that the colour is only temporary. Hathaway told red-carpet reporters, “as soon as I did it, I thought I didn’t want it to be temporary any longer, but I know i have to dye it back for my work. ”  Shame, as the Les Mis star seriously suits being blonde and a little more mussed-up than we’re used to seeing her.

Punk-inspired head pieces were the order of the evening with Sarah Jessica Parker trailblazing the trend with a show-stopping custom-made Philip Treacy intricate gold-based mohican headpiece atop a beautifully coiled fishtail braid.

Sienna Miller meanwhile, toughened up her beachy-waves and barely-there make up look with a tough-luxe silver spiked headband and black kohl-rimmed eyes.

Sienna Miller

A side swept curtain of hair, covering one eye and topped with a diamante spiked crown took Jaime King‘s otherwise low-key look from elegant to wholly edgy. A far-from-ethereal halo.

Jaime King

Brooklyn Decker appeared to play it safe with an over-the-shoulder soft tousled siren hairstyle and sheeny berry lip. But on second glance, the addition of an oversized studded hair slide subtly nods to the punk theme.

Brooklyn Decker

From headpiece to earpiece, we adore Jessica Alba’s doubled-up diamante ear cuffs. An inspired addition to her attire that offset a super-sleek topknot – and upside down braid that snaked down the bun to the nape of her neck (as can be seen below).

Jessica Alba

As expected there was a plethora of gold, silver and burnished bronze shades of shadow and as such we applaud Emily Blunt, Kristen Stewart and Elle Fanning for pushing the boundaries and dipping their make up brushes into rainbow bright eyeshadow shades of fuchsia pink, maroon and Elle’s pink-blue combo.

Emily Blunt

Kristen Stewart

Elle Fanning

Rooney Mara took no prisoners when it came to her Met Ball make up. Heavily blocked-out darkened eyebrows framed her delicate features whilst a deep, dark blackberry shade with a matte texture added drama to her lips. Mara’s creamy flawless skin was left looking natural aside from some light contouring around the cheekbones, below the brows and the inner corner of the eyes, perfectly tempering the bold dark shades and the lightness of her dress.

Rooney Mara

And finally, Diane Kruger, as always – took our breath away with her fabulous neon pink dip dyed ends and a handful of subtle streaks. . .

Diane Kruger

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