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by Annie Vischer

The Bodyshop Vitamin E BB Cream

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

Before I came to London, I never used to wear foundation. I’m rather lucky with my skin in that it’s fairly even in tone, and never tends to look too pale unless I’m under the weather, so I would get by with a little eyeliner, some mascara and a sweep of blush. It also helped that home was the countryside and my spare time would be spent riding the horses and walking the dogs (bumpkin alert!) so I never felt any need for a serious amount of coverage.

Moving to London and into the fashion and beauty industry required a bit of a beauty overhaul. After trialling far too many foundations, I settled on a tinted moisturiser, the perfect transitional product. The trouble is I am a bit of a gym bunny and, whilst I am not 100% comfortable hitting the cross trainer with a completely bare face, beginning a workout with a full face of makeup just ain’t the done thing. Cue a very messy gym towel, as well as dry and irritated skin. So where’s the middle makeup ground? How can we get a Victoria’s Secret-esque gym glow without piling on the coverage?

Yesterday I decided to put the new Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream (£10.00) to the test. The new cream promises to illuminate, even skin tone and protect with moisture for 12 hours. I was heading for an intense Bodyism training session, so this BB cream was going to be seriously put through its paces. The Vitamin E BB Cream comes in a single shade that blends perfectly onto skin, sheer enough to give dull and tired skin a boost, without showing any of the visible signs of a foundation. My skin was left looking bare, yet fresh, even and dewy.


Then came the work out. Now I get seriously rosy cheeks when I really exercise. As in really rosy. We’re talking Michael Kors AW12 beauty look type rosy. When I skipped through the changing rooms to the mirror after my session to take a look at the final result I was pleasantly surprised. Not much had changed from when I had started. There were none of the evident signs of fading or sliding off that you might get with a foundation. My skin had become very dewy from sweating, and my cheeks were slightly more flushed, but  the blotchiness that I had come to expect after a work out was kept to a minimum. What’s more, my skin didn’t feel dry and irritated, as it had become accustomed to doing after a session in the gym. The moisturising properties of the BB cream were still very much in action and soothing my poor work-out-worn skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is making its second outing today and will be a gym day staple from now on. It’s easy to make a grab for your high coverage foundation as soon as autumn hits, but stay strong for a little longer yet. Try the Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream for a subtle complexion boost, and let your own radiance shine through.

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