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by Annie Vischer



We may not have a tall, muscly Batman roaming the streets, protecting us from evil. We may not be able to call for help and be answered by a dark and handsome Superman swooping in, red briefs and all, and most unfortunately a golden-hared Thor is no where to be seen. But there is a real life super hero in our midst, and would you believe it, they’re over 75 years old!

Carmex has been soothing dry and cracked lips for over three quarters of a century, and is sure to be present in the pocket of most people you pass on the way to work, if they know what’s good for them that is.

The award winning formula of the super hero lip balm combines lanolin, cocoa butter and petrolatum to deeply nourish lips and protect from the cold, whilst menthol, camphor and salicylic acid work to sooth the irritation in lips. They’re also what give it that delicious, slightly addictive, little tingle that tickles lips when it is applied.

As the years have gone on, the range has expanded to include cherry, strawberry and mint flavours as well as its classic form, and all are now available in either the traditional pot or a tube.

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm goes above and beyond (as any super hero should do) and harnesses the ultra-hydrating qualities of Vitamin E, aloe butter and shea butter to give lips an extra boost, and comes in clear, peach, pink and berry tints.

This season the true super hero powers of Carmex are celebrated with a limited edition comic themed lip balm which is exclusive to Selfridges (£3.99). Carmex will also be hosting pop-ups in Selfridges stores up and down the country where customers will be able to purchase the new limited edition pot, and also receive a first and only copy of the bespoke Carmex Crusaders comic book strip.

This bright little pot is the perfect addition to your winter essentials kit, and a super-hero-tastic way to vamp up your pocket must-haves this season.

The pop-launch is currently in London’s Selfridges and will be remaining there until Wednesday, before moving up to Manchester’s Selfridges for Saturday and Sunday.

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