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by Chrissy Iley

Color Wow

Color Wow

Every day when I wake up I say a little prayer to chemist Dr Joe Cincotta, without whom my life would be a sadder more bitter more frustrating place.

He is the man who makes it possible never to have a bad hair day and everything that goes with it.

He worked with John Frieda creating some amazing hair magic and now he works with Federici and Frieda on Color Wow, designed to keep hair looking as good as the first day it was coloured. Except the Color Wow range does much more than this.

The shampoos, conditioners and thickening sprays are so fantastic there was almost a stampede at John Frieda, New Cavendish Street, the other week when supplies were running low.

The Color Wow Raise The Root thickening spray (£16.50) has definitely raised my roof. It transforms my limp flyaway hair to hair of substance. Imagine all those hours of sadness and frustration wiped away with a few squirts.

Joe is a man I would love to have locked in my basement. He works on formulas that are so specific everyone’s hair (and skin) problems and worries are solved.

Perhaps his most incredible unbelievable genius move to date is the Color Wow Root Cover Up (£28.50). It comes in various shades and it is designed to target regrowth between salon visits.

There are a few of those around but none of them have got it quite right. They are too sticky, too messy, make hair look like clay. But not this one.

It’s a powder. It comes in a compact with its own double-sided brush. It could an eye shadow or a blusher. It fits into make-up purses, totally portable in case you notice a sudden root spurt that wasn’t there when you left the house.

You look at the Color Compact, you look at yourself in its mirror, you look at your horrendous roots, and you think how is it possible that this little strip of powder is going to colour my hair, my stubborn horrible roots that cause me to collect hats or not leave my bed.

Well, it is a miracle. You brush it on. The wide brush for large areas. The small stumpy brush for annoying intense areas and on it goes, seamlessly, swiftly, sublimely. The blonde shade covers dark regrowth in highlighted hair in a way that dark hair has never been lightened without peroxide. It also covers grey.

It is faster than Photoshop and easier to use. There’s none of that horrible waxy stuff and it’s even water resistant. And I can promise you it will never leave my side for the rest of my life.

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