The Debbie Thomas Facial

Chrissy ON Nov 15, 2012 AT 10:14 am

by Chrissy Iley

Debbie Thomas is an unexpected face guru. Small, purposeful, it’s only when her hands are so deftly manipulating your face that you realise you are being touched with greatness.

She is my go to girl, a miracle worker. I’ve had a life of many facials, some of them relaxing, some make your skin look nice, some are hydrating, but never have I had something as instantly impactful as this. She does everything all at once. She seems to have a skin psychicness. She knows just what products to use to refresh, rejuvenate, lift, firm, plum, even out.

This is not my first time with Debbie and I can only say as she gets to know your skin she gets better, the kind of results where people stop and stare and ask you what have you had done.

It’s a full-on action facial at Hari’s in Brompton Road with many potions, serums, tubes, lights all going on. Highlights include the thing I have nicknamed the carpet cleaner. It looks innocent enough, a little tube with suction and holes at the end, but when it’s on your face you feel as if it is an industrial strength carpet cleaner.

Part of its little head sucks all the dirt up while other little holes push out serum. ‘Everything gets scraped up and sucked out,’ says Debbie.

There is another section where warming lights are placed all over the face – light therapy. A blue light is for acned skin and the red light she used on me the technology had been developed by NASA.

Debbie Thomas at Hari’s

‘They sit on the skin and push the light in. It’s not just a red light, it’s a wavelength. You’ve got clear and red within each light. Two different wavebands of anti-ageing and rejuvenation. It promotes healing and collagen. NASA described it as promoting cellular renewal.’

Debbie calls it a DNA facial, meaning it’s bespoke to every individual. What is exceptional is that it’s many facials in one. I could call it the astronaut facial because it promotes collagen and wellbeing, but I can also call it a skin tightening facial or a deep cleaning and polishing facial.

‘I look at your skin and decide what I am going to do. It could be a more hydrating facial, but if you’re more clogged up I’ll do more cleaning.’

For super clogged up faces she has a diamond-tipped tool which performs microdermabrasion more intensely. ‘We can also use a vacuum suction tool for lymphatic drainage.’

The latter two processes might leave your face red so perfect if you’re planning a low key couple of days after, but for the most part Debbie’s clients are busy. They want their faces ready for an event, a meeting, a trip.

This is where Debbie’s genius lies. She can get dramatic results without being over invasive. But she’s never afraid to work you.

Throughout the process I enjoyed various serums. The soothing PhytoCorrective by SkinCeuticals which is a botanical anti-inflammatory, anti-redness.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel

She also used the SkinCeuticals peel which contains salicylic acid. ‘They are all very low formulations. We don’t need to use strong products as long as they get the job done.’

I also had the hydrating B5 serum from SkinCeuticals. SkinCeuticals is one of the brands that Debbie likes and I find works amazingly well with my skin.

The Valmont Renewing Pack was super hydrating and a good emergency product for a flight. It was applied with a Vitamin C mask from SkinCeuticals. We finished off with a SkinCeuticals SPF 30, which is a great make-up base.

In the middle of all that there were some extractions and skin plumping.  She calls it lymphatic massage. There was one part of the massage where Debbie was massaging so intensely between my eyes I felt eye surgery itself was being performed.

‘We get very congested around the eyes, ears, nose. This massage drains it away and it can make you look like you’ve had a lift because it gets rid of puffiness. It drains away toxin build-up.

‘I tweak each facial to a person’s skin – I use different products. For instance, some people might have a milder peel, others stronger. ‘I feel that doing lots of things at a lower level is better than doing one thing at a higher level, especially if people have things to do that night or the next day. For instance if you had one very strong hydrodermabrasion your skin would look good, but a few days later. I’ve worked out how to get the same results but in a more measured way.

It’s all about meeting people’s needs on that day and my needs were more than met. Debbie Thomas is becoming an addiction.

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