The Educogym – A Review (Day 1-6)

Mimi ON Oct 20, 2010 AT 10:50 am

Educogym - the training

Educogym - the training

Day One

It was legs on the machines, not my weakest area. Straighforward, simple even. Zana warns it’s easy at first to hook you in.  It took 12 minutes plus the ab exercises you do every day. I had a protein shake with double cream for my breakfast and rediscovered fillet steak with green beans and parmesan. I could eat this every day I thought. Easy.

Day Two

Chest and back routine -  

The exercises were very specific and targeting specific areas.  If you do it more than 12 days you can really get into body sculpting in a way that doing a class or going to the gym yourself you wouldn’t be able to do. ( after the 12 days you only have to go 3/4 times a week) At the end of this one class for 15 minutes I felt as if I’d had lunchtime lipo. I felt realigned and I was carrying my chest higher which made my waist look thinner.

Day Three

Arms and shoulders, my weakest area, but it wasn’t too bad. The abs you do every day  include side crunches that I’d never done in any other gyms and classes  all about targeting specific sculpting.

Day Four

Zana measured me and weighed me. I’d lost 5 pounds and an inch around my waist which is pretty good.  In fact I was overwhelmed. I’ve never lost weight so quickly and that’s what has always made me stray from a diet, my impatience with it and it not having fast enough results. It’s only 15 minutes a day. You can’t tell yourself you don’t have time for it and it’s only 12 days. One day at a time…the weights are creeping up – you don’t notice too much.

Day Five

I do the gym on the way to the airport. I’ve a trip to Ireland.  I’ve told them that I’m an alcoholic so they’ll be no pressure for me to be drinking the homemade whisky.  there’s a chicken stew with green vegetables and bacon and eggs for breakfast. 

Day Six

I go to the gym on the way back from Ireland.  I’m measure and it’s still going in the right direction.  The exercises are getting harder and I’m making noises that are obscene and grunty as I lift weights.

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