The Educogym – A Review (Day 7-12)

Mimi ON Oct 20, 2010 AT 10:47 am

Educogym - the results

Educogym - the results

Day Seven

I’m away again.  I pull the cheese out of the sandwich on the plane and eat it with nuts.  My friend has pre organised a dinner party. It’s Indonesian food with lots of sauce. Peanut sauce OK, sugar sauce not OK. Cravings for sugar return but I deal with it by going to bed early. 

Day Eight

I am bored with steak and cheese and the gym is getting really tough. 

Day Nine

I see more results. I am stressed and angry. I punch the weights harder and am less hungry.

Day Ten

Nearly there. Can’t blow it.

Day Eleven

Everyone is telling me that they are amazed at how much weight I have lost in so short a time.  I am amazed too. So amazed that I can put up with an arm workout that I would never have believed possible and the lack of variety in the diet.

Day Twelve

I remember that you’re allowed egg yolk omelette with cream cheese and avocado and the higher fat you eat at the beginning of the day the better it is to trick your body.  My body has been tricked into losing 7.5 lbs of fat and 2 inches  from tummy and upper back and it’s absolutely the best trick that’s ever been played on me.

I have a weekend away coming up and as long as you don’t drink alcohol everything will be staying in place because it’s not forever, it’s for 12 days and it’s for 15 minutes.  Anyone can find 15 minutes, anyone can find 12 days and that’s how you get results. 

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