The Educogym – A Review

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By Chrissy Iley

I’ve always struggled with a fat stomach and yes I know its exactly the spot that you shouldn’t carry fat  - it leads to strokes and heart attacks… but I’ve never been able to stick to a diet and always give myself excuses that I don’t have time for exercise life. I was pretty sceptical when I met the deathly charming Zana Morris at the Educogym on Harley Street who promises a diet, a few clever supplements and 15 minutes exercise a day for 12 days can make you lose up to  12 pounds.

The gym is compact so you waste no time going from machine to machine. The speed and intensity is what makes it effective. She shows me an ugly resin block mimicking 5 pounds of fat and tells me this hefty lump can be gone from me in as many days.

 She says it’s about building up muscle and then muscle, as an active tissue, burns fat and calories for you. She talks about marathon runners, how long they run and train means their look is lean but a sprinter’s muscular form burns more fat quicker. You build up muscle, you can watch tv and burn fat and not have to run marathons -  1 hour of aerobics burns 400 calories, add 10 pounds of muscle and this will burn 500 calories a day even when you’re doing nothing. I was liking the win win approach. Then came the bad news. The extreme diet. Of course no alcohol, no sugar and no fruit, no carbs at all. It’s a high fat and protein diet where you’re supposed to retrain your body and trick it into starting all its clocks again. Then comes the even worse bit. She weighs and measures me and my eyes are closed. Then the calipers close in on the lumps of fat which basically all reside in my stomach. I re read the bit in her leaflet that says It’s possible to lose 7 ½ pounds of fat and gain 3 lbs of muscle in 12 days while exercising 15 minutes a day and doing the diet and the pills.

The diet is essentially low glycemic which helps curtail the body’s release of insulin. High insulin above all causes the body to store abdominal fat and crave sugar and then go into a food coma.  I have only ever known life in this coma……

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