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by Chrissy Iley

Joey Healy is an eyebrow guru. I know that word guru is bandied around the place so it has lost its true meaning.

Joey Healy can read your life in your brows and make it better. He has the kind and searching eyes of a modern day Jesus, but better brows. His own brows, manicured yet luxurious. Forget serums and fillers, age itself is all in the brow.

We meet at his suite in the Sunset Marquis Hotel where he immediately recognises my scent – Carnal Flower. He has a salon on the Upper East Side in New York which is white, stylish, and welcomes both men and women. Not sure if that makes it asexual or bisexual.

‘It’s not a typical salon, it’s just a space. I have a two-week wait list because it’s only myself. I don’t have junior brow stylists. I don’t have staff. There’s a two week waiting list because it’s a very exclusive service. Brow shaping is $95.

‘I tweeze. I don’t wax or thread. It’s not just the result, it’s the process. We sit down, have a full consultation, we talk about your brows, where have they been, where are they going. I hold a mirror and show you what I’m doing all the way.

‘I give you tips and maintenance and I show you some products and how they will work to make your brows the best they can be. I empower you to pick up a pair of tweezers. It’s a very full experience.

‘I teach people to be a little bit controlled, a little bit more restrictive.’

He looks at my brows and he can’t wait to colour them in. The shade looks almost greenish in the pot. He has worked hard, he knows what he’s doing.  For blondes and light brunettes he’s created the colour Corduroy.

‘He also can’t wait to get me using his Brow Renovation Serum. He tells me twice a day for six weeks will bring me lustrous brows that are full.

Joey Healy Eyebrow Guru

His appointments in his salon are an hour long, like a psychotherapist. ‘People pitch me TV shows all the time called Brow Therapy. I started my business on the Upper East Side where I live and I knew some women who wanted their brows done who would tell their friends about me. I was a mobile service. I would start out the day on 60th and Park and end up on 80th. Always up, never down.’

Joey did business studies in college and was a make-up artist specialising in brows. He now travels the world for celebrity clients. His favourite loyal customer is Kyra Sedgwick.

‘There are many celebrity brows that I would love to touch like Anne Hathaway. I read an article why do we all love to hate Anne Hathaway. It was about her being a goody two shoes, but her brows are fabulous.

‘I also like Adele’s brows. I like people who have signature looks. I think soft brown, and taupe brown is very flattering for her. There are brows of actresses that I don’t like. Jessica Chastain – her brows are patchy and uneven. And Jennifer Lawrence has brows that are asymmetrical and that bothers me. If you have trouble with eyebrow growth the Brow Renovation Serum would fix that. I should give her some.’

When your brows are grown enough he has another product called Brow Structure Clear Set which is a non-crunchy brow gel. It just makes them look a little lively.

‘I’m attracted to men with dark, sexy, thick eyebrows. I think they look healthy. Having healthy eyebrows make you look robust, alive and young.’

He applies the Corduroy Luxe with his expert eye and hand. It turns into a soft oak. His brow powders are called things like Parchment, Equestrian, Moccasin and Tobacco, specifically named to appeal to both men and women. A few gentle strokes … and you know you are touched by greatness.

As the name Joey Healy suggests it seems that he has healing properties and gives hope to the hopeless. ‘I do, and I’m proud of that.’

What first drew him to the brow? ‘I have a business degree; I went to Villa Nova and then took a left turn. I became an aesthetician and I care about thing that make people beautiful and found that people were booking me because I did good brows. Brows are about the geometry and anatomy which I find fascinating.’

Can he read a personality by a brow? ‘Often. If someone is a constant plucker it might mean they are very controlling, and if they are more neglected you can tell they are more free.’

He demonstrates his elite sculpting tweezers. ‘It’s not about having to make things different it’s about making something that’s quality. Stainless steel extremely sharp elongated tip for precision.’

The Joey Healy packaging is clever, thoughtful and asexual. A black patent carry case and each item comes in a black leatherette pouch proving that you can be the dominatrix of your own brow.

Joey Healy’s products can be bought at

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