The Fountain Of Youth

Jourdana ON Sep 18, 2013 AT 2:58 pm

Fountain: The Beauty Molecule

When we’re not busily slathering our skin with the newest youth-enhancing discoveries, we’re figuring out ways in which we can incorporate the latest beauty-boosting superfoods into our daily diets (Chia seeds sprinkled over salads and Maca powder in smoothies, FYI). So why not add supping our way to health and vitality to the mix? And no I don’t mean that extra glass of red over dinner.

Or do I?

Because whilst drinking our way to beautiful skin is nothing new – the Asian market is rife with liquid beauty solutions – what we’re drinking is.

And by that I’m talking about Resveratrol, the potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes that is currently used topically in creams and serums. However with no evidence to suggest that resveratrol can be readily absorbed by the skin, Deciem founder Brandon Duaxe, has instead formulated the ingredient into the first ever water soluble option, Fountain, adding hyaluronic acid for added hydration and black carrot for boosted free-radical fighting.

And it’s not just our skin that resveratrol is said to impact, but also a whole host of health factors, including protecting against certain cancers.

And so at just a teaspoon-worth of the concentrated beauty liquid per day (either diluted in juice or slurped straight) and with effects showing after a month’s worth of drinking,  this is as much beauty miracle as molecule.

Chin chin!

Fountain: The Beauty Molecule, £24.99

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