The Hit of The Fit

BATD ON Aug 06, 2009 AT 12:32 pm



We knew there was a point to oversize bags! Just when you think you can’t walk another inch in your Louboutins, we’re letting you know that you don’t have to! From now on, where we go, so do our Fitflops, light enough to sit quietly at the bottom of our bags till the stillettos will go no further.

The new Spring/Summer range is the prettiest collection yet, in an array of jelly colours that are perfect for a patent take on open toes. The toning, honing shoes get muscles working up to 54% more than any other footwear; that’s good news for feet, calves, thighs and bums and even better news for that late night walk back from the cocktail lounge.

Buy yours now from Boots online and you could nab 144 points with the purchase. Click here to start shopping.

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