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Mimi ON Sep 21, 2009 AT 3:02 pm

NYR Men Range

NYR Men Range

By Philip Hunt

Having designer stubble is the new wet shave, it’s man’s perfect excuse for not shaving daily, now I am one of those who is lucky enough not to shave everyday, my 5pm shadow arrives about 2pm the following day!!  Trying new shaving products, I confess is a little daunting, however, this time I have good news, as Neal’s Yard Remedies has come up trumps with their new range for men; aptly called NYR Men we do have something to talk about.

So what’s on the bathroom shelf this week?

Neal’s Yard Remedies for Men

Neal’s Yard Remedies for Men

NYR Men Close Shave Oil – analysis, so many brands are advertising shaving oils, and I am still hooked on shaving gels, but I confess it works, soft and smooth, jojoba scented it really smoothed the hairs before shaving. My skin was left feeling very revived and the bonus is you have a sense of well cleansed skin, the oil battles the razor and safeguards the skin from cuts.

NYR Men Calming Aftershave Balm – why not try the balm if you’ve got the oil? With the cooling calendula and relaxing lavender I felt the balm did the trick and didn’t leave a thick layer of cream on the surface. I found myself wanting to apply it to my whole face, as the balm is light and smells really natural.

NYR Men Rejuvenating Moisturiser – very light and very energizing, I like to put all moisturisers in the fridge and this one was really refreshing when it was applied, with green coffee and almond oil, plus some other special ingredients that I can’t even pronounce all designed to boost collagen and keep you looking young. Hey don’t knock it, I may look like Dorian Gray now, but who knows what might happen if I stop applying?!

So now I am smooth, hair free and smelling of roses, (well lavender and jojoba!)

A quick spritz of the new Gaultier “Fleur du Male” and I am now ready for another London day.

Have a great fashionable London weekend.

The Hunt x

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