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Mimi ON Jun 09, 2011 AT 3:29 pm

Deluxe Travel Bottle Set

Deluxe Travel Bottle Set

We’re nothing if not practical (ahem) here at BeautyandtheDirt so you won’t find us frantically ditching the oversize beauty products at the airport because they exceed our carry-on limit. And that’s because we’ve got ourselves a Deluxe Travel Bottle Set from good old Marks and Spencer so we’ve got all our favourites decanted into acceptable quantities.

The set contains 3 x 100ml bottles, 2 x 18ml jars, 2 x pumps, 2 x funnels, 2 x spatulas, 1 x mirror and 1 body puff as well as 15 waterproof sticky labels so you don’t end up cleansing with shower gel. Now, if someone could find a way to decant shoes so we can fit them all in, we’d be 100% happy.

Deluxe Travel Bottle Set, £7.50

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