The Man Trap

BATD ON May 08, 2009 AT 9:20 am

The Refinery in Mayfair

The Refinery in Mayfair

The caveman look may have worked well in the prehistoric age, but these days we like our men to be trimmed and preened. If we have to endure year round Brazilian’s then why shouldn’t they? We think it’s only fair they partake in a little light waxing, after all there is no excuse for back hair (men take note).

If you fancy seeing your man fluff free, we suggest you hotfoot it down to The Refinery, where they will take him on a trip around the universe for just £90. Right now as part of ‘The Man Trap’ they’re offering a selection of shall we say ‘intimate waxes’ at bargain prices. Now it’s completely your choice how cruel you want to be, if you’re feeling generous let him off with a quick buttock wax and bikini tidy. If however you’re still secretly stewing about his lack of tact while commenting on your slightly wobbly thighs, give him the Galaxy. For £120 they will whip off everything in his nether regions, and we mean everything…you can use your imagination.

Book him in now, either at Harrods or at The Refinery in 60 Brook Street. For more information visit

The Refinery| 60 Brook Street | London | W1K 5DU | Tel: 020 7409 2001
or The Refinery at Harrods| Knightsbridge | London | SW1X 7XL | Tel: 020 7893 8332

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