The Perfect Sleep

Mimi ON Dec 02, 2011 AT 1:03 pm

baby sleep

Do you sleep like a baby?

Sleep, how do you do it? Do you get enough of it and how important are your surroundings to send you into a lovely slumber, dreaming of tropical beaches, rather than that presentation you have first thing in the morning.

I’m a bit of an insomniac, so when Feather & Black asked me to write about having a stylish sleep, my first thoughts were, just give me the sleep please! However I do know that I try to create the best possible environment with my bedroom furniture to give me a restful night’s sleep, being a girl of course I do love a cushion and a lovely antique metal beds, I do wonder, why this is? I laugh when men make fun of this fact, but it must be in our genes, I can’t walk past a row of cushions in a shop without having a feel and being tempted. I’ve got large velvet cushions on my bed and I rather want these Hugo natural velvet cushions to join them see I’ve been distracted by cushions already.

Hugo natural velvet cushion

Hugo natural velvet cushion

Other than reaching for the sleeping pills I do try and follow these tips to get me to sleep, having some time to wind down and clear your mind before you hit the pillow is crucial. If like me you find your mind races as soon as the light goes off, do keep a notepad and pen or something to record your ideas by your bed, it really will clear your mind. If you seem to get all your best ideas at night knowing they’ll still be there in the morning is comforting. A really good tip someone gave me was to try send your thoughts to the back of your head, put them behind you, sounds strange but it works. Doing breathing exercises also helps you to concentrate on your breath and takes your mind off worries, by slightly slowing down your breathing it can really help to relax your mind and body. Lavender helps many people, so the pillow sprays and a couple of drops of essential oil in your bath will certainly get you and your house wafting you into snooze central. Finding overnight treatment masks for hair and skin will also infuse some great smells and you will wake up looking more refreshed than ever.

There’s no doubt that a cosy looking bed will make you want to curl up and make those catnaps far more enjoyable, getting your bedroom furniture style just right is an art. Just the right amount of cushions, a well placed throw and a stylish bedside lamp would make Kirsty and Phil proud.

Here’s some of my favourite pieces from the site:

I love the New England style of this James Star Quilt

James Star Quilt

James Star Quilt

The Harriet Lamp and Heston Lamp look really elegant and classy, they are also great value, looking much more expensive than they are.

Harriet and Heston Lamp

Heston and Harriet Lamp


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