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Marina Sandoval

Marina Sandoval

Everything always seems so busy throughout October and November. It is probably why these  two months are notorious for flying by. In amongst the day-to-day rush, little luxuries like taking time to do your nails and pamper yourself quickly fall by the wayside. It simply won’t do. It is time to take back that time and indulge yourself. Luckily we have the perfect professional in our little black book to get you back on the straight and narrow. Or smooth and squ-oval, whichever manicure shape you prefer.

Marina Sandoval is based at the Nicky Clarke Salon in Mayfair and has been working as a manicurist for over 17 years. Her luxury manicure is the Signature Royal Treatment which includes a luxury soak and exfoliation, with a deep tissue massage before the nails are filed, buffed and polished. Marina uses a special lotion in the process that she developed in her hometown of Columbia. It was the best manicure I think I’ve ever had, and the polish lasted for over a week, no chips! When your nail base is prepared to that kind of standard it makes the colour last so much better. I would love to go to Marina every week. If I was Anna Wintour I’d having the weekly blow dry and Marina’s weekly manicure, she would be on speed-dial!

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Marina is renowned throughout the beauty industry for her skill and professionalism. She has manicured some of the biggest names in Hollywood, with Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle MacPherson and even Sir Paul McCartney amongst her list of clients. Marina is also credited with giving the then Kate Middleton her demure manicure before her big day, for which she blended together Bourjois no 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure shades to create the pretty shade that graced the bride’s nails on the celebrated wedding. We wonder whether Kate will be returning to her tailored shade for the christening today.

Visit her website for more details on the incredible services Marina Sandoval offers. Book an appointment with her at the Nicky Clarke Salon in Mayfair for an instant rainy day pick-me-up.

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