The Secret To Healthy-Looking Hair

Jourdana ON May 21, 2013 AT 9:14 am

As a beauty editor I shouldn’t really be keeping secrets. Particularly of the beauty product variety. In fact, that goes against the whole premise of my job, which is, essentially, to discover new, wonderfully efficacious beauty buys and then flag them up for general consumption, beautification and joy. But there’s one product I’ve been harbouring for a long while and it’s time to give it up.

Versace SS13

It’s the key to lustrous, sheeny hair. Transforming even the most dried out, despairing of locks, with a mere blast of glistening particles, into a curtain of gleaming health.

It reignites a day old blow dry, adds luminosity to dulled colour and revitalises deadened ends.

It protects the hair during sun-drenched summers and over-zealous heat-styling without trace or remnant and lasts all day long. Oh and did I mention that it actually helps to soothe, moisturise and condition the hair – making it healthier, not just healthier looking.

Luster’s Pink Sheen Spray

If ever there was a can’t-live-without haircare product, this would be it; and its name?

Luster’s Pink Sheen Spray.

Discovered with my beady-beauty-eye whilst roaming the stores in Barbados, Luster’s range of haircare targets an Afro-Caribbean audience and hair type – making the rest of the line a little too rich and oil-embalmed for my thick but not unruly tresses – but this I would recommend to all hair types. As long as it’s shine you’re after, then this is the spray for you.

Having bought a handful of minis, sure that I would never unearth a stockist on UK soil, late last year I was surprised (and overjoyed) to find that an edited selection of the brand is now available in selected Boots stores.

It’s a gem of a product. Secret’s out.

Luster’s Pink Sheen Spray, £3,



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