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Winter tanning SOS with James Read

Winter tanning SOS with James Read

by James Read

We’ve already heard what kind of tan International Tanning Expert, James Read, recommends for certain hair colours (if not READ HERE). However if you’re a bit unsure as to how to apply your self tan, James has given us all the tips and tricks we could possibly need to make sure our fake tan looks as natural and as even as possible.

Check out James’ SOS for winter tanning below:

1) Using a tanning mitt, apply moisturiser to your mitt, then glide over your skin, making sure there is not excess product. This great for the winter months as it stops your skin drying out. Then apply your self tan.

2) Mix thick moisturiser with your self tanning product. This will keep your skin more hydrated as it dries out in the winter months.

3) After 3-4 days if you want to pop the colour into your tan but not cause build up of self tan or not over power the colour. Mix a tea spoon of self tan to your moisturiser, then apply to your body, this will pop the colour and also hydrate.

Use an ice cube to seal you pores

Use an ice cube to seal you pores

The next day after shaving your arm pits, rub an oil free moisturiser over these areas. This will stop your self tanning from holding onto these areas and will stop them being to dark.

To stop your knuckles being too dark, applying a small amount of moisturiser onto a towel and then press into these areas.

When applying self tan to your face, apply a layer of moisturiser to the face first then apply your self tan. This will make sure your tan is lighter and also keep your face hydrated. A great tip is to go for a facial tanner for the face as they are designed to look after the face, tan, hydrate and go.

To stop your pores blocking on your face, rub your face with an Ice Cube first. This will make sure your pores are blocked before your tan is applied.

To make sure your tan lasts longer on your face, apply a thick layer of 8 hour cream onto your face, wait 10 minutes, then press dry the product.

When applying self tan to your face, rather that rubbing the product, using a mitt press dry your tan, just like when you are applying your wall paper.

If your tan is too dark, go for a steam for 30 minutes, then rub with a warm towel, this will bring your tan down a level.

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