The Tooth Fairy Diaries Part 2

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I arrived at my hygienist appointment at The London Smile Clinic feeling quite confident about the state of my teeth, maybe even a little cocky!  After all I clean my teeth morning and night with an electric tooth brush and have visited hygienists twice in the last year.  I will concede that my flossing is intermittent, but surely that’s the point of the deep cleaning electric toothbrush!  It’s meant to pick up the slack?  Right?  Wrong!! Not according to my hygienist Kristelle Gire.

After a brief chat about my cleaning practises, where I admitted that flossing was not my strong point, she began my treatment with water clean.  This was not at all unpleasant; the noise is far more intimidating than the treatment!  It was after this when she embarked on the manual clean that things started to get serious!  Much to my horror I could feel poor Kristelle scraping away what seemed like industrial strength tartar.  And indeed when she came up for air, she explained that I had quite a substantial amount, not just around my teeth but under my gum on some of my back teeth on the right side! Oh the shame!  Kristelle even went so far as to say that it could have been there for years as it was hard and brown! I was mortified! No wonder my gums have been bleeding.

Lynne Thomas

Lynne Thomas

 During a rinse and spit session I asked how this was possible considering that my last hygienist appointment was less than five months ago.  The answer it seems is that although the clinic I previously visited is regularly featured on 10 Years Younger this does not necessarily equate to a good cleaning service!  I was pacified by the fact that the left side of my mouth was in a marginally better state, no nasties hiding under the gum there, thank you very much!  At the end of the session Kristelle went over the correct way to clean with an electric brush, reminded me how to floss and recommended little pink interdental brushes for my back teeth.  I will use them because they are pink! She wants to see me again in about a month, but she is confident that if I follow her advise, and I certainly will, then all will be well!  I have to say that Kristelle is the nicest and most thorough hygienist I have ever met.  In the past I have found hygienists to be a bit condescending and if the state of my plaque is anything to go by, not very good!  I’d quite like to install Kristelle in my bathroom but dental floss is probably easier to accommodate.

*The London Smile Clinic is offering BriteSmile whitening treatments for £795, instead of £950. Contact, 020 7255 2559 for further details.

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