Beauty Spot: The Ultimate Collagen Boost Facial, La Plump

Mimi ON Aug 31, 2012 AT 7:18 pm

Nuz Shugaa at The Beauty Lounge

Nuz Shugaa at The Beauty Lounge

La Plump facial with Nuz Shugaa is designed to give you the best collagen boost and revive a tired complexion, evening out fine lines and plumping out any wrinkles. Usually Nuz likes to start her facials with a thorough cleanse, anything between 3-7 times to be exact, but this time she starts with exfoliating instead. She exfoliates first to get through to fresh skin, so when all the dead skin cells have been scrubbed off the skin is ready for all those nourishing products to work quickly and plump up the skin, giving you back your youthful glow.

Nuz says she uses peels and scrubs as they work quicker and are an easy access to the epidermis, they open up the pores and strip the dead skin cells off more effectively.  The first stage starts with an Acai Berry scrub followed by a Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme Foam. The foam feels very gentle on the skin, but it actually works hard to pick up all the excess product left on the skin after the scrubs, Nuz calls this her magic foam.

There’s no time for toners in this facial, Nuz prefers to use gels, she says they are multi-functioning; they tone and hydrate at the same time. Because of their consistency gels work very quickly to get through to the epidermis, they are plumping and all the gels feel cooling to the skin, so this helps really tone saggy skin

There’s also no wiping off any excess product, everything that goes on is staying on, lots of applications of collagen gels, vitamin C, caviar and green tea. When designing this facial, Nuz thought through every ingredient, and everything that has an antioxidant effect.

Once the skin is ready, three masks are applied, again nothing is taken off, just left on for a few minutes and massaged in. The first mask is oil based, the next one is a mix of manuka honey and collagen, the last one contains caviar and green tea.

The neck and decollate are included in this facial, it’s very important to keep that area hydrated and don’t neglect it as part of your skincare routine. This area shows the first signs of ageing and is easily forgotten about and exposed to sun too much, there is nothing sexy about a crêpey, sun-damaged cleavage.

After all those amazing ingredients have been applied to my face, Nuz just ends the facial with an extra dose of collagen to finish, then sun block as I was leaving on a summer’s day.

In between the stages of this facial, Nuz puts her hands in ice buckets so they are extra cold while she is massaging and applying products, this firms the skin even more.

All ingredients are freshly made by Nuz, this is a bespoke facial that can be done on the same day you want to see the results. There’s no squeezing so no redness and you are very unlikely to have a break out after this facial, but you are likely to look like a teenager again. This is a fantastic anti-aging and revitalising treatment.

La Plump Facial £250 with Nuz Shugaa. For details of this facial and all other treatments go to or call The Beauty Lounge for appointments 020 7734 6161




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