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BATD ON Dec 17, 2009 AT 11:05 am

La Prairie's The Art of Bath set

La Prairie's The Art of Bath set

You worked hard all year, right? And, you were good all year (ahem)? So, why not treat yourself (or bend Santa’s arm) to La Prairie’s The Art of Bath set that not only does your skin the power of good, but also lets you dabble in bathing alchemy? Four fragrance oils and four natural oil blends come with a luxury ceramic dish and spoon so you can add your own unique mix to your bathing water.

The set also contains four fragrant mini candles, Cellular Bath & Body Oil and Cellular Bath & Body Oil. Choose exotic tiare flower, soothing lavender, energizing eucalyptus or tuberose gardenia to create the perfect balance for your mood and spirits.

£250 at Selfridges.

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