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BATD ON Oct 09, 2009 AT 8:39 pm

Limited Edition CHANEL Brush Collection

Limited Edition CHANEL Brush Collection

This week we suggest you brush up on your beauty knowledge literally with these gorgeous CHANEL brushes and fight the frizz with our top five hair treatments. Catch up on the biggest beauty stories on The Weekly 5.

When it comes to seeking out a signature fragrance for the cooler months, we’ve thrown trend caution to the wind and opted out of traditional spice/wood scents. This coming season we’re heading for the Mediterranean with L’Occitane’s beautifully floral Mimosa perfume. Click here to find out what it smells like.

Do your tresses need a little TLC? Why not pop along to James Brown’s brand spanking new salon? If you’re still a little unsure read our exclusive review to make your mind up.

You can have the best beauty products money can buy but if you haven’t got the tools forget it. Brush up on your beauty techniques literally with this gorgeous CHANEL brush kit. Why not put it on your Christmas wish list – it’s never too early to start.

Soap & Glory Men's Range

Soap & Glory Men's Range

We all like our boys to smell sweet and sexy; call us fussy, but ultra-clean is a basic requirement – soap dodgers have never yet made it into our little black book. Soap & Glory’s new men’s range has all the right credentials to get the guys scrubbed up a treat…click here to find out where you can get yours.

The recent bout of rainy weather can only mean one thing – summer is officially over. Luckily for those of you prone to damp-induced hair disasters, some of our favourite brands have unveiled a whole new breed of frizz fighters.

For these top beauty stories and more check out The Beauty Bit or just click here.

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