The Weekly 5: Beauty Round Up

BATD ON Nov 20, 2009 AT 5:31 pm

Private Collection Jasmine White Moss Solid Perfume Pendant

Private Collection Jasmine White Moss Solid Perfume Pendant

This week we have brought you exclusive designer collaborations, given you top tips on how to become red carpet worthy and filled you in on how to revive your dull winter skin.

With party season fast approaching, I’m always looking for ways to pare down the paraphernalia that I need to take with me, and hoping to cram everything from door keys to credit cards into one small clutch. Check out these gorgeous jewelled compacts here on the Beauty Bit.

The Hair Botanicals Lounge at Errol's Salon

The Hair Botanicals Lounge at Errol's Salon

While you’re fast asleep, your skin is hard at work, repairing, rebuilding and restoring…yes it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. But your skin’s temperature also tends to rise half a degree while you sleep, which can lead to moisture loss. Hydrate your tired winter skin with This Drink Up Mask.

As the invites flood in, the pressure is on to look fresh-faced and flirty rather than stressed and sloppy this season, instead of battling with your brushes and trying desperately to add some volume into your lackluster locks visit Errol Douglas’ Red Carpet Ready Services. Click here to find out what’s involved.

You must have been living on Mars if you hadn’t heard that Twilight’s next film New Moon has arrived. But for those of you who’ve ever wanted to get a taste of Edward Cullen now you can, DuWop have their very own Twilight Lip Venom.

Continuing to merge fashion and fragrance, Six Scents launches their second series with designers such as Richard Nicoll, Phillip Lim and Henry Holland joining forces to create the must-have fragrances. Find out more here.

For more beauty news visit The Beauty Bit or click here.

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