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BATD ON Feb 05, 2009 AT 10:49 am

Solid Perfume Trio

Solid Perfume Trio

We love Tocca New York fragrances, so we’re more than happy to see the introduction of three of our very favourites in solid form, eliminating the need to cart around a weighty bottle in our handbags. With no fear of breakage, spills or missing bottle tops, it’s the perfect way to fragrance on the go, and because it’s suspended in wax the scent lasts longer than traditional sprays. Our fragrance insider tells us that applying a little to the inside hem of our skirts means that when we walk, we ‘kick’ up the scent and are surrounded with a gorgeous aroma to add a dash of luxury to the daily commute. Choose from Stella, Florence or Cleopatra. £27.50 each at Liberty.

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