Toni & Guy: A Cut Above?

Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 6:27 pm

You know how it is, you grow up getting your hair cut by the nice lady who works in the local salon but who your mum has managed to convince to come to your house for half the price. Nice work mum. Or, worse still, a DIY trim with the help from your friend, the bowl.

We’ve all been there and since vowed that we’d stick to a strict salon visit every six weeks for a ‘professional’ cut and colour but, like most things in life, they don’t always work out the way you planned.
At the grand old age of…no, I’m not telling you that but by this point in life I was sure I’d be the sleek, sophisticated and perfectly groomed specimen that I’d long aspired to be as a child. Power suits, make-up that didn’t melt, neat, newly manicured nails and a mane of oh-so-gorgeous hair that would be the envy of everyone I swished my way past. Oh, how life can be cruel.

Despite working in the beauty industry, surrounded by the latest products and testing treatments on a weekly basis, you’ll be pleased to learn that I am yet to fully master the high maintenance glamour that many of my beauty peers sport on a daily basis. Sure, I can pull it out of the bag when required but as for a daily I-haven’t-tried-but-I-still-look-this-good type appearance, I often fall a tad short of the mark. To remedy this situation, I felt it was high time to give myself a small makeover. I could easily sort out my make-up and my nails but the one thing I needed to call in the professionals for was, of course, my hair.

After much consideration I decided to opt for the Toni & Guy salon on Regent Street, W1. With their reputation for excellence, innovation and award-winning styling, I just knew that this would be a good starting point for root to tip recovery. 

I arrived at the salon on their busiest day, Saturday. Much to my surprise I didn’t need to wait or queue, I was greeted straight away and whisked downstairs. I sat in the chair and couldn’t quite believe what a mess my hair was in. I hadn’t had it cut for 3 months, my colour was dull and my over use of straightners had left my hair frazzled, full of split ends and lifeless. Was there any hope?

Thankfully for me, I was now in the hands of John-Paul, one of Toni & Guy’s Art Director’s. Colour was his speciality so he talked me through what would work best for my hair and lifestyle. What impressed me about John-Paul was his immense knowledge and passion for his job and for the brand. He didn’t talk down to me about my hair mis-management, instead he gently but firmly explained that I needed to give more attention to my hair and get to a salon far more often. He then recommended an all over natural gloss in a warm coffee colour. This would be better for my hair type because it’s more gentle and washes out to a subtle colour. Perfect!

Before John-Paul got started, I met with Katie, the Art Director who had the unenviable task of cutting my hair. She took one look at my mop and calmly suggested a bit more than a casual snip. Katie recommended a layered look with a more defined fringe that would create a fuller, sleeker look. Who was I to argue?!

90 minutes after a whirlwind of glossing, washing, massaging, snipping, clipping, teasing, getting told off for straightner abuse and a fabulous blow dry, I was unrecognisable (well, almost.) My hair was now a deep, glossy mane of chocolate coffee brown and boy, did it shine. The cut was sharp and precise and after a quick blow dry lesson from Katie, I was convinced that this new, improved me was a keeper.

Overall my impression of Toni & Guy was a very positive one. Not only was the cut and colour of a high standard but every other aspect of my experience was very enjoyable. The salon was clean and inviting and each member of staff, from the receptionist, to the girl who washed my hair and gave me a wonderful head massage, to the top stylists were passionate, well informed and happy. To top it all off, I didn’t even have to sweep up afterwards like I would have in my childhood – what more could you ask for?

Check yourself in for a similar sprinkling of hair help immediately.

Colour with John-Paul 
Prices start from £50 (natural all over gloss) or £130 (full head of highlights)

Cut with Katie
A cut with Katie starts from £53.

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