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BATD ON Aug 25, 2009 AT 9:35 am

Bamboo Mini Brushes by EcoTools

Bamboo Mini Brushes by EcoTools

One of our constant gripes here at Beauty Central is the silly sponge applicators that come with some otherwise really rather gorgeous (and expensive) make-up. Hopeless, faffy little bits of fluff on a stick is not how to get the best from your eyeshadow.

So, we are more than pleased to discover these miniature Bamboo Mini Brushes, £4.99, from EcoTools, that mean you can substitute the pointless for the perfect. With six in a pack, not only are the brushes soft and sweet, but the ethos of EcoTools means guilt-free grooming. Bamboo handles are replinishable, the range is cruelty free and the brush bristles have never seen a four legged creature but still out perform far more expensive brands.

Available from Tesco and Superdrug.

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