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Mimi ON Nov 19, 2008 AT 2:27 pm

Another day, another facial. Oh, it’s a difficult life bringing beauty treatments to the online massive!

In the hot seat this week is the Elemis Power Booster Skin Radiance Facial (after the week I’ve had, it couldn’t come sooner!)

It was a cold day when I went to review this treatment so as I raced down Oxford Street, I couldn’t help thinking about the treat that awaited me in the warmth of John Lewis.  Yes readers, you did read that correctly. I was going for a relaxing pamper session in…a department store!  

On arrival I was greeted by an Elemis therapist by the name of Jo who directed me to the Elemis Spabar. Before I could scamper through to the privacy of treatment room, Jo carried out some facial analysis which allowed her to see the condition of my skin. This was also paired with a bit of a prod into my lifestyle (I stay in every night, honestly!) and provided me with an opportunity to play with all of their delicious products.

To understand just what kind of mess my skin was in Jo sat me in front of the Facial Mapping Analysis device and told me to rest my chin on the cushioned head rest. It’s a bit like having an eye test except there’s no puffs of air or difficult sight puzzles to solve! After a few minutes a series of 6 images filtered out of a nearby printer. These pictures allowed Jo to assess the extent of UV exposure, pores, evenness and porphyrins (bacteria lodged in pores), spots and wrinkles that I had lurking on and beneath my skin. 

Surprisingly I seemed to be in fairly tip-top skin health (see ladies, cleansing, toning and moisturising does work!) The only thing I was taken aback at was just how exposed our skin actually is. A series of luminous dots across one of the images showed just how much my skin is at the mercy of the sun’s harmful rays…I was definitely investing in some SPF moisturiser when my treatment was over.

Next came the fun part. Jo talked me through the various products that would work best for my skin type (slightly dry on the cheeks with a more oily T-zone) whilst allowing me to smell, feel and understand more about the products and how they would work on my skin. Then, it was time for the treatment.

Jo led me through to a dimly lit oasis of tranquility and calm. Cool beats played quietly in the background as Jo helped me into the massage chair. Yes, this is a treatment performed in a chair, in a department store. It is slightly edgy, I agree, but trust me, keep reading.

I sat back in the Intelligent Massage Chair as Jo described that I would be having a Skin Radiance facial as the chair got to work on my body. I must admit I did get a bit of a fright as the chair started (Jo said this was a normal reaction) It quietly kicked into action as it tilted me backwards and I felt slightly violated for about 2 seconds until I got used to its ‘soothing’ motions. The mechanics of the chair (which feels like 10 pairs of hands) follows the outline of your body and maps the length of your spine whilst taking your body weight, adjusting itself to your frame. Once this has been done, it sets about heating up your body and delivering a customised body massage programme.

As all this happened ‘below deck’, Jo got to work on my face. The Skin Radiance facial is a moisture boosting treatment that helps provide instant energy and radiance to the skin – just the ticket for weary old me.

After a thorough cleanse and tone, Jo massaged my skin, pushing up and out any toxins and made sure all stress knots were loosened in my shoulders. Next, the key moisture mask, rich in amino acids, was applied to my skin. As the mask set, I was able to enjoy the rhythmical movements of the chair which really got to work on my back and shoulders and even massaged my calves. I began to enjoy the continual working of my muscles and felt relaxed but rejuvenated. Finally Jo applied a layer of my favourite Elemis moisturiser, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (This is a firm favourite with beauty editors and I use it every day!)

As if by magic, the chair slowed to a stop just as Jo finished off my facial. She helped me up from the chair (which, I may add, I would now like to purchase) and led me to the mirror. My skin looked clean, clear and rather plump. I said my goodbyes to Jo and walked boldly to work, aware that I was make-up less but, feeling confident and happy with my radiant complexion.

This treatment is the perfect pick-me-up to plump and boost the moisture and appearance of your skin and, it does wonders for your overall body too. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and was very impressed at how quiet, spacious and relaxing it was…a far cry from the mayhem of the adjacent beauty hall.

My only negative is that at times I felt that there were too many things going on for the therapist to do her job to the best of her ability. As the chair massaged my body and lifted me up and down, Jo went about applying the various creams and masks. I did feel that it was difficult for Jo (and any therapist) to provide a continuous relaxing treatment when the client is not lying still. In saying that though, the facial was thorough, precise and provided visible results. A great all round experience, at a very reasonable price.

PS Rhianna recently enjoyed a Power Booster facial backstage at The Brits. If it’s good enough for her…

Elemis Power Booster Skin Radiance Facial £45 for 30 minutes
Get 15% off your first purchase of Elemis  products courtesy of Beauty and the Dirt
For customer enquires email or call   0845 279 5005

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