Treatment of the Fortnight: G Spa

Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 5:22 pm

It’s treatment time again ladies (and gentlemen!) This time we’re reviewing a tailored, prescription facial at G Spa in South Kensington. Just what the doctor ordered after a hectic few weeks at the helm of BATD Towers.

What was the treatment?
Treat your skin to the ultimate in customised care. Whether dry, environmentally damaged, sensitive, or oily, the Personalised Prescription Facial (£60 for 60 mins) is appropriate for all skin types. All products used in this treatment are by Dermalogica.

What was it really like?
I arrived at G Spa (which is situated within LA Fitness) just after 6pm last Monday. Despite my annoyance at battling through the aggressive Sloaney, after work gym goers, I did get a warm reception from the girls on the desk who showed me down to the spa, located on the ground floor.  

My therapist, Tarryn showed me into the treatment room and made me feel very comfortable as she tucked me into the thick blankets and began to remove my make up. Using a soothing eye make up remover I immediately began to relax as she performed soft, circular movements around the eye area. Afterwards she started to work on the rest of my face, firstly using a foaming special cleansing gel and then a daily resurfacing cleanser. 

Next, Tarryn used a multivitamin power exfoliator and rice powder scrub combined with a continuous blast of oxygen directly onto my face. It felt like every cobweb that had been lurking within my system was finally being blown away and my skin was getting the attention that it deserved. The mixture did tingle slightly but Tarryn ensured me that this was quite normal.

Galvanic therapy was next which consisted of steel balls being rolled over my face, helping the Vitamin C and oxygenating serum which Tarryn had applied, to penetrate deeper into my skin, allowing it to reap maximum rewards. 

To complete my skin overhaul Tarryn applied an intensive moisture and colloidal mask (to hydrate and brighten) containing oatmeal. My nostrils were the only area not wrapped up in the mask and as I took deep breaths of the oatmeal, I slowly began to drift off into a deep sleep.

Whilst the mask got to work on my skin, Tarryn informed me that she gently massaged my hands with hot towels and finished off with a nourishing moisturiser.  I was then gently woken up as Tarryn got to work on removing the mask. As she removed the residue with hot towels my skin felt clean, less tight and smooth. To finish, Tarryn spritzed my face with anti-oxidant mist to keep her good work in place. Why do all good things have to end?

Was it worth the money? 
For the sheer effort that Tarryn put in and my love of Dermalogica products alone
I would pay to have this treatment again. Tarryn is a competent facialist who goes out of her way to make you feel relaxed and pampered and the treatment itself was performed to a very high standard.

My only reservation is the gym location. Due to the high volume of gym goers who waste no time in pushing you out of the way to make it to their cardio session, it does disrupt your zen like state somewhat. Make sure you go at a quiet time though and you’ll have a throughly enjoyable experience. 

G Spa
63 – 81 Pelham Street
South Kensington
Tel:   020 7581 7040

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