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Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 6:08 pm

I don’t know about you but everywhere I turn I am confronted with messages telling me to eat healthily, munch down my five-a-day and invest in the power of superfoods. Now, this is all well and good but what’s the point in filling my insides with all these goodies when my skin is calling out for similar special treatment? With this in mind, this week I’m trying out a Raw Glow treatment at the divine Glow Urban Spa in Knightsbridge.  

Glow Urban Spa is the kind of place that fits perfectly into the plethora of perfectly manicured roof gardens and well kept buildings of the Knightsbridge area. With its heavy black door, immaculately trimmed potted trees and invitingly clean interior, how could you resist such temptation?

I had booked in for a Raw Glow City Buster Facial (£85). The Raw Glow treatments are an innovative menu of facials and body treatments that all incorporate totally raw ingredients which are hand blended and freshly made on the day of your treatment. These include the all important superfoods, sea algae, organic cold pressed oils, fruits and vegetables. Salon founder, Philip Davies explains, “What you put on your face and body is as important as what you put into it. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and can absorb both good and bad substances, so it needs to be treated with respect!” Here, here Philip! Just what I needed with a slight vino tinto hangover! Hmm, so much for looking after my insides.

My therapist Laura led me past the gorgeous nail stations (and vast array of tempting products) before we headed downstairs to the treatment room. I slipped off all unnecessary items and Laura got started on my skin. London, or in any big city for that matter, can be tough on your body so it’s important to look after yourself and pay attention to your skin. The City Buster facial is perfect for a city slicker like myself because it’s aim is to nourish skin affected by pollution. Laura showed me all of the raw ingredients that she had mixed several hours before and would be using on my skin throughout the treatment.

The facial began with Laura mixing the antioxidant rich Brazilian superfruits including açai berries and acerola cherries onto my skin. It was wonderfully cool and soothing and immediately I began to relax. I was then treated to a fantastic facial massage and soothing hot towel compress which toned and lifted my skin. This was followed up by a nourishing and brightening mask which was left on while I drifted into a deep sleep! The facial also included lots of lengthy massage sections which for me is the best treat of all.

What I like so much about the City Buster facial is it’s nod to nature. Every ingredient is natural and good for you and the rich nutrition content of the super ingredients used is kept intact so your skin gets the maximum benefit from the nutrients applied to it. These nutrients include key antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals that most of us city dwellers often lack. Secondly, it means there are no nasty chemicals being used on your skin so it really is being nourished and rejuvenated naturally. Add to this an exceptional facialist whose techniques were some of the best I have ever experienced and you really have a glorious package.

There is nothing worse than going for a facial and regretting the experience and the money that you’ve paid for it so if you need your faith restored in facials, Glow Urban Spa is the place for you. Think total radiance, ultra refining of pores, pronounced brightening and lifting effects.

All that’s left now is for you to go to Glow Urban Spa and try a raw facial for yourself.

Glow Urban Spa
8 Motcomb Street
T:   020 7752 0652

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