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Mimi ON Nov 14, 2008 AT 7:00 pm

Nails Inc.

Nails Inc.

I’m a stickler for perfectly painted nails. I religiously polish them twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) In fact, just the other day my sister remarked, when I was uncouthly sans-polish, that she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen my naked nails.

This precise, personal pampering regime is all well and good but to be honest it’s becoming a real drain on my precious free time. I do have other areas in my life that require as much devotion and, some would say, are far more important than keeping my nails ship-shape (hmm…not convinced)

With this in the forefront of my mind, I set about researching a nail treatment that could provide me with my favoured nail shape and colour but that would not peel or chip the moment I required the use of my hands. My thorough search led me to South Molton Street, London – nails inc. flagship store to be precise.

I was booked in for a 3 Week Manicure with Everlasting Polish (FYI – this is also available in a pedicure) This treatment should last 3 weeks before any ‘lifting’ begins and promises to be hassle free and chip resistant. Sounds like the ideal solution to my problem…but would it live up to it’s reputation?
I arrived in South Molton street just as the clock struck 9am (I’m a stickler for being on time too) and knocked on the door of the salon. After some initial confusion as to whether I was booked in or not, I was shown to one of the booths and given a spectrum of colours to choose from. I was naturally drawn to Victoria – blood red and the perfect paint to woo my current suitor on Valentine’s Day.

The difference with this manicure to regular ‘shape and paint’ treatments lies in the product. This treatment uses a gel rather than standard polish – which makes for a smoother finish. After my nails were cut and filed, a clear gel was applied to each nail and then set under a UV lamp to create a chip resistant base. Two coats of my chosen colour were applied on top and again set under the UV lamp. A final clear top coat of gel was then applied and similarly set under UV. In just a couple of minutes I had my coat on and was out the door with my fabulously glossy mitts. A pain-free and relatively quick experience (45 mins) from a manicurist who was fast, precise and friendly (always a bonus!) The Everlasting Polish is easily removed by a nails inc manicurist by soaking in acetone and buffing which won’t damage your natural nails (or do it yourself by purchasing some acetone from Boots)

My only little negative comment was nothing to do with the treatment itself but with the appearance of the salon. Whilst it’s clear that care and attention has been taken in designing the flagship store, it has lots of glass surfaces which obviously hadn’t been polished in a while, nor were the booths as immaculate as they could be. Maybe I’m a stickler for cleaning too but a little dust now and again and a quick sweep around the floor would make the experience even better.

It is now almost 3 weeks since my treatment and I am delighted to report that my nails are still beautifully intact with not a chip or flake in sight. My nails have obviously grown in the 3 week time frame but apart from that the colour is still as vibrant and glossy as when they were done. I can’t believe I waited so long to try this treatment because, for me, it’s a revelation. I no longer have to schedule in vast amounts of my precious spare time to care for my nails. Instead all I require to do is lift the receiver and dial nails inc.

I undertake treatments on a weekly basis and I can honestly say that I am truly impressed with the 3 Week Manicure. It’s the ideal treatment for women who have busy and demanding lives but who still want to look their beautified best. I thoroughly recommend giving it a go!

The polish comes in numerous shades:
Clear – Clear, fresh and glossy
French Polish – The classic nude pink with white tip
South Molton Street – Natural, nude pink
Brook Street – Hot coral pink
St James – Pillar box cherry red
Victoria – Blood red

This fabulous treatment is avaliable at all nails inc. nail bars nationwide, to find your nearest salon visit

3 Week Manicure/Pedicure with Everlasting Polish from £50.00
nails inc flagship store, 41 South Molton Street, London, W1Y 1HB
Tel:  020 7499 8333

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