Treatment of the Fortnight: Peak Health Club & Spa

Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 5:51 pm

There are certain pluses and minuses that should be noted before venturing to the leafy luxury of Knightsbridge, London. You can spend the afternoon swishing your way down Sloane Street, slipping in and out of high end boutiques and upmarket brands thinking ‘Oh, this is the life’ before whizzing up to the heady heights of the 5th Floor at Harvey Nichols for a spot of lunch. There you can sip champagne, firmly lulled into a false sense of security and wonder to yourself ‘What all the fuss is about, I can so afford this kind of lifestyle.’ Until…

…in the lift down you start to feel a tad under the weather due to the amount of champagne you’ve consumed and, of course, the amount of money you’ve burned through in just 2 hours. By the time you tumble out through the glass doors it’s curtains for your credit card and you’re back to reality with a bump as you head for the Piccadilly line. Oh the cruelty!  

Know the feeling? Make like me readers and avoid the risky retail opportunities by heading straight to the Peak Health Club & Spa in the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel. Safely away from the threat of credit card hijack, I settled in to enjoy my Pevonia Green Coffee Body Wrap for this week’s Treatment of the Fortnight’ and no, I didn’t take the Piccadilly line home. That’s what my driver is for!

Voted ‘Top Ten UK Day Spa 2008’ by Conde Nast Traveller readers, the Peak Health Club & Spa sits on the 9th floor of the hotel with commanding views across the city. It’s really quite spectacular and the ideal welcome to 90 minutes of indulgence.

What is the treatment?
The Pevonia Green Coffee Body Wrap (£85 for 90 minutes) for cellulite is the ultimate answer to effectively treating cellulite. This revolutionary holistic wrap helps to control fat infiltration, transforming fat into energy & eliminating toxins from the body.  The wrap contains the latest, most active, proven-effective anti cellulite performing ingredient: Green Coffee to smooth & strengthen the skin.

What was it really like?
Where do I begin? It was such a great experience. My therapist, Roxanne (who I want to employ!) began my treatment with a thorough scrub of my entire body which got my circulation going and felt really theraputic. Activating gel was then applied and massaged onto the ‘cellulitic’ areas of my choosing. I decided to focus on my ‘love handles’ and the backs of my thighs. This was followed by a Green Coffee Concentrate before a Green Coffee based mixture was applied all over my body. The mixture was warm and honey-like and I felt very relaxed as Roxanne covered me in the green goo.

Afterwards, I was wrapped in large pieces of cling film before a tin foil-esque blanket was applied to keep in the heat. I lay there, wrapped up like a chicken ready for roasting for 20 minutes while Roxanne massaged my head and face. Sheer luxury.

Once showered, my body was massaged with Pevonia Botanica Body-Svelte Cream before Body Moisturiser was applied to my body.

Was it worth the money?
Definitely. Roxanne ensured I enjoyed every minute of my treatment. Her professional skills, techniques and friendly manner put me at ease immediately and I felt really looked after. Once the treatment was over, I left feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, toned and very happy with the results. My skin felt soft and supple and rather firm, for a change. What more could you ask for? Apart from a membership!

The Peak Health Club and Spa
Jumeirah Carlton Towers

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