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Mimi ON Nov 14, 2008 AT 6:15 pm

Ask a woman what’s at the top of her beauty wish list and the answer will probably be “clearer skin.” Yes, we’ve heard it all before; eat your 5-a-day and drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin, the golden rules to skin nirvana. But it’s all too easy to sit at your desk and indulge in a chocolate biscuit or two and a nice mug of tea, don’t you think? Drinking green tea has got to be a bonus though, right? 

Anyway, when I was offered the opportunity to enjoy a blueberry smoothie facial I jumped at the chance, especially when my 5-a-day consists of organic Peach yoghurt (hardly fruit!) Perhaps this treatment would give my skin the portion control it craved?!

Just imagine the wholesome, delicious goodness of a fruit smoothie slathered on your face! 

Upon arrival at Renew Medica the first thing you notice is the clinical whiteness. I was greeted by my therapist Jane who was also wearing white. She handed me lots of forms to complete which asked me very basic questions about my skin, health and family history. With such care and attention to detail I suddenly did a double take and wondered whether I’d been booked in for a bout of botox rather then a simple facial! With such formality you get the feeling that skincare is a serious business at Renew Medica.

Once I’d completed my paper work, my therapist Jane whizzed through my answers asking me further questions about my skincare regime and what products I currently use.  She also asked me when was the last time I ate fresh fruit and veg – I wasn’t quite sure whether she guessed by my sallow complexion, but in truth I had a bit of broccoli the night before! Upon examining my skin Jane gave me some sound advice, noting that I had a few pigment spots. She then went on to explain that I was going to have a chemical peel and clarified more about the process and the use of Cosmedix, a series of medical skincare products containing purified active ingredients using a process called Chiral Correction. This simply means using ingredients that have gone through a purifying process, drastically reducing the possibility of any allergic reaction even on the most sensitive skin.

After the skin consultation, I was asked to lie down as Jane removed my morning make-up. The circular motion and gentle pressure applied to my face felt relaxing enough for me to nod off.  The next step was to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate my skin using a product called Purity Clean which has a strong aromatic peppermint fragrance. This, I was told, would aid circulation while L-Lactic Acid would gently exfoliate and deep clean my pores. Using vigorous motions the de-greasing of my skin continued with exfoliator number two, this again containing Lactic Ccid but also Salicylic Acid to cool and revitalise the skin.

I was rather scared about having a double dose of Lactic Acid on my face but was reassured that it was needed to completely rid the skin of grease in order for the chemical peel to penetrate deep into my skin.  Like most people I suffer from a rather problematic t-zone area which is usually rather greasy; Jane picked up on this and paid particular attention to the areas prone to break outs. At this point I did feel a slight tingling sensation. Finally the blueberry smoothie was applied; the fresh tantalising smell filled the room as my face was slathered in the delightful concoction. Jane also explained that the blueberry smoothie was the perfect choice for me as blueberry’s are heavy in antioxidants, and help to fight and neutralize the free radicals in my skin which can cause cell damage and subsequent premature ageing.

Once the whole exfoliation process was over, Jane asked me to run the back of my hand across my face and I was surprised at how soft and supple my skin felt. The final stage of the facial was to apply a protection serum which had an invigorating spicy aroma rather like Christmas cake. Using a product called Affirm a rich antioxidant serum high in glutathione which also helps to combat the signs of premature ageing. This was gently massaged on my face along with a good sun protection cream.  I was finally ready to face the day with my now glowing skin. I was told to avoid reapplying make-up for the rest of the day which was slightly worrying as my face did feel naked. But because my skin felt and looked so healthy I didn’t actually need the usual full on foundation.

A week on and my skin is still radiantly glowing, a testament in itself to how effective the treatment was. I was really impressed with the attention and care taken by my therapist at Renew Medica, who was readily available to answer any questions I might have regarding skincare. The facials are quick and easy to have as a pre-treat before work and can easily fit around the busiest of schedules.

For those busy bee’s unable to re-book an appointment, Renew Medica also offers a ‘Correct Kit’ a convenient take-away taster of products to continue your own skincare regime in the comfort of your own home. They think of everything! I’ll definitely be going back.

Blueberry Smoothie £65.00 for approximately 45 minutes
Renew Medica
28 Maddox Street
  020-7499 4904

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