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Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 5:41 pm

My teeth are in pretty good shape but I’ve always longed for a Hollywood smile, a la Catherine Zeta Jones. Last week I gave into my desire and booked myself into The Smile Studio for a dose of laser whitening. I wasn’t nervous at all, honest!

What was the treatment?
Wy10 laser treatment. In under one hour your teeth will be up to fourteen shades whiter with zero sensitivity. While the treatment is taking place you can watch a DVD and enjoy a soothing shiatsu back massage. To boost your new-found radiant smile, you’ll also be given a complimentary five day home whitening kit. 

What was it really like?
Arriving at the Smile Studio located off of Shaftesbury Avenue, I was shown straight away to my vibrating chair. Once I was settled my teeth were looked at before the treatment got underway. My teeth were only slightly discoloured so they hoped to lighten them by up to eight shades to A1 (Hollywood style) or at the very least A2 (UK style).

My gums were painted with a protective coating and my mouth was ‘clamped’ with a plastic guard to enable full exposure to the laser. Once the first application of white coating was applied to my teeth, a blue laser light was fitted over the top of the plastic guard – not attractive or particularly comfortable if I’m being honest. I was then given DVD googles and asked to pick a film. Plumping for some light entertainment in the form of Hairspray The Movie, I was now ready for some whitening action. 

Two hours and six coats of whitening formula later I was more than ready to untangle myself from the plastic fittings and take a look at my new and improved smile. After a quick rinse (which was a bit painful) I was given a mirror and was very impressed with what I saw – very white teeth.

Was it worth the money?
No doubt about it. My teeth look very white, but in a natural, non-overdone way. I’ve had lots of people mention how healthy I look and how white my teeth are, which is never a bad thing! Every time I look in the mirror I can’t help running my tongue over my new white teeth! I’m not a massive fan of people tinkering around in my mouth so I did find the actual treatment slightly uncomfortable. The first day after having the whitening I did experience a bit of sensitivity but with a pack of aspirin nearby I was able to continue about my day with hardly any discomfort.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who has even the slightest hang up about the colour of their teeth.

Catherine Zeta Jones eat your heart out.

Wy10 Laser treatment £295
The Smile Studio
1st floor, Wingate house
93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue
Tel:   0870 7588088

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