Treatment of the Fortnight: Spa at Bluebird

Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 6:01 pm

It’s a slightly shorter version of Treatment of the Fortnight this time round (I don’t want to bore you with insignificant details) but fear not, it won’t be any less insightful nor shall I miss out any key facts that you need to know about my Cucumber-Honey-Milk-Total Face/Body Treatment that I recently enjoyed at King’s Road institution, The Spa at Bluebird.

What was the treatment?
Cucumber-Honey-Milk-Total Face/Body Treatment
A decadent one hour treatment that begins with a deep exfoliation with aromatic sea mineral scrub followed by a warm tropical rain rinse from head to toe. Your body is then massaged with a warm honey mask while freshly grated cucumber is applied to your face. Enjoy a face pressure point massage as your hair is coated with White Orchid Hair Conditioner and Kaeline Argan Oil. To finish, your body is completely rinsed with fresh, warm milk (£85.00)
What was it really like?
The Spa is set in the back of the Shop at Bluebird so you get to peruse all the amazing clothes, jewellery and gifts before your eyes are drawn to an electric blue ‘Spa’ sign and you know you’re in the right place. First impressions were good, I thought the rooms and changing areas were clean, well designed and relaxing, if a little cramped. I was suffering from a mild cold so I was really looking forward to being scrubbed and massaged to perfection….and I wasn’t disappointed. The exfoliation process was thorough and revitalising, and smelled divine (the cucumber mixture was freshly mixed that day – nice touch) A strange contraption which reminded me of something out of World War 2 (which turned out to be a shower) was extended over the bed and I lay being ‘rained on’  with warm water as the scrub was removed from my body. The ‘wet room’ is a great idea in principle, it’s innovative, unusual and strangely enjoyable apart from the sodden towel syndrome after lying under the waterfall for five minutes.

A quick towel change and then a warm, gooey coating of manuka honey was spread over my entire body while fresh, grated cucumber was applied to my face. A wonderful, pressure focused facial was carried out while the honey set to work on my body and my hair was even treated to a great conditioning treatment and head massage. To finish, I was washed clean like a princess from the 18th century with warm milk which left my skin unbelievably smooth and nourished.

Was it worth the money?
Absolutely. I felt so clean, smooth and happy afterwards – I couldn’t stop touching my skin. I trial so many beauty treatments that they can begin to merge into each other but this one stood out for it’s imaginative elements and sheer pampering factor. The use of Ole Henrikson products throughout the treatment pleased me greatly as I trust and use them on a regular basis and my therapist was experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. A great after work or weekend treat for you or the perfect way to keep your mum occupied when she comes to visit.

The Spa at Bluebird
350 King’s Road
Tel:   020 7349 5090

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