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Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 5:35 pm

We thought it was about time that we posted a male ‘Treatment of the Fortnight’. After all, those metrosexual men of ours are starting to catch us up on the product/treatment spending. We sent one willing male guinea pig to review a Deep Tissue Massage at The Refinery.

What was the treatment?
Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins £80)
An invigorating and deep pressure treatment that works on releasing muscle tension and knots. This massage increases blood and oxygen flow to the tissues in addition to keeping muscles supple.

What was it really like?
Our male guinea pig (Mark) arrived early for his treatment on a busy Friday evening. He was pleasantly surprised to be shown through to a room filled with newspapers, magazines, television and fruit. After a quick flick through GQ he was shown to his treatment room, in the basement, by his therapist Jeremy. Once he was changed and lying face down Jeremy asked him a series of questions about his lifestyle, such as how often do you exercise, what kind of work do you do, when was your last massage treatment etc. Mark was also impressed that he asked him if he was planning on relaxing later or going for a night out as he would adapt the massage accordingly. Nice touch! 

Jeremy began the treatment by using a variety of oils and working from Mark’s toes all the way up to his neck and shoulders. The massage was intense and invigorating. Mark said it was hard and the pressure was good but it wasn’t sore at all. As each part of Mark’s body was massaged, he had to tell Jeremy on a scale on 1-10 how pressured the treatment felt. If he got to 7, Jeremy would decrease the pressure.

After the main body massage Jeremy asked if there were any areas that required more work. Mark suggested his neck and shoulders so Jeremy focused several minutes of time working on the muscles and alleviating the tension.

To end the session Mark was patted down to remove excess oil.

Was it worth the money?
Definitely. Mark thought Jeremy was extremely knowledgeable (he could tell that Mark had undergone recent massage sessions) and was impressed with his credentials (PhD in Chinese medicine and had toured with Take That as one of their therapists.)

Mark also thought Jeremy’s technique was second to none.  He felt relaxed, less tight and completely revitalised. Mark says it’s was the perfect way to wind down for the weekend or to get your body ready for a big weekend. He also thinks it’s the perfect gift for stressed out husbands/boyfriends. Ladies, take note.

Available at The Refinery, Brook Street and Harrods
60 Brook Street
London W1K 5DU
T:    020 7409 2001

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